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Supplies-2nd Grade

2nd Grade Supplies


Primary Composition Book (lines at the bottom and space at top for a picture)

1 yellow folder

1 red folder

Headphones (no earbuds - they tangle too easily)

Set of addition and subtraction flashcards

1 box of tissues

1 container of Clorox Wipes

1 Bottle of Hand Sanitizer for children with last names beginning with A - M

1 Box of Gallon and/or Quart sized Ziploc bags for children with last names beginning with N-Z

1 pencil box to fit the following supplies:

2 boxes of crayons (24 pack) - we will hold onto the 2nd box and pass them out mid-year

24 sharpened pencils (we will hold onto 12 pencils for mid-year or as needed)

3 black dry erase markers

2 erasers (not pencil top)

3 glue sticks

1 highlighter

1 scissors


picture of supplies