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Positive Behavior Supports Overview

Hillcrest School-Wide Positive Behavior Supports (SWPBS)



  Each year, Hillcrest Elementary has a dedicated team that works to implement the R.O.A.R. program.  This program is meant to foster a community where each member feels valued, respected, connected, and safe.  Over the past few years, the team has begun to shift our program to align with an evidence-based approach for establishing a positive social culture and behavior support system.  This approach is called School-Wide Positive Behavior Supports (SWPBS). A primary component of SWPBS is having rules that students can easily remember.  Here are our R.O.A.R. rules:    

Respectful to All  

Obey Safety Rules

Act Responsibly

Ready to Learn

The principle rules included in the pledge apply to all areas of our school, as well as the bus ride to and from school.  We recognize student efforts to follow these rules.  When rules are not followed, consequences are natural, positive, and progressive. They are designed to assist children in understanding the expectations for their behavior in school, as well as throughout the Council Rock School District community.

Students are directly taught how to be caring citizens through direct ROAR classroom lessons, school assemblies, school counseling lessons, and the use of Restorative Circles.