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Music Notes for Parents

Music Ribbon Staff


  • Show an interest in your child’s instrumental music practice.  Remember that playing an instrument is an adult skill.
  • Arrange a regular time for your child’s daily practice.  Fifteen to twenty minutes per day is necessary for steady practice and success.
  • Recognize that most students do not practice on their own accord and they usually need to be reminded.
  • Arrange a practice schedule so that it does not conflict with other activities such as outdoor play, favorite TV programs, or other extra-curricular activities.
  • Help your child find a quiet and comfortable place to practice.
  • Help with practice as much as possible by counting, listening, etc. – no musical skill required.
  • Never make fun of the strange sounds your child may produce at first.
  • Musical instruments are not toys.  They are fragile, precision instruments.  Give your child a safe place in which to keep the instrument.  Help keep the instrument from falling into the hands of curious brothers or sisters.
  • Keep the instrument in good repair with reeds, or oil, etc. in the case.  If the instrument should break, home repairs must not be attempted under any circumstances.  Such problems should be reported so that I can make arrangements for repairs.  If you are renting from a company, your rental agreement should cover the cost of repairs.  Please check your contract.  
  • Teach your child to attend lessons, rehearsals, and concerts faithfully.  Check the schedule weekly
  • Encourage your child to play for others when the opportunity arises in the home.  Allow them to play mini-concerts for relatives and friends once they have learned some songs.
  • Every instrument has periods in the learning process that will be challenging.  Help teach your child the definition of the word “persevere.”  I want to see your child succeed.  Let me know if you have any concerns.
  • Be generous in your praise.  Beginner instrumental music students need tons of support and encouragement.